After three years of painstaking design and development, I am incredibly proud to announce the launch of Firle Watches and its inaugural model the Sennen Automatic.  Firle embodies my two main passions in life – Mechanical timekeeping and the ocean. My mission with Firle Watches is and has been to create high quality, beautiful and completely unique timepieces. My background in Industrial Design has allowed me to redefine the possibilities of design within the affordable mechanical timepiece market. 

Will Martin, Founder of Firle Watches



Firle Watches takes its name from the Old English word fierol, meaning oak-covered land - a name that carries strength and integrity and a name that embodies our British heritage and landscape. The coastline that surrounds us here can often be fierce and powerful. These are the days we most look forward to – they force us to escape, and they bring with them possibility.  





The fine movements in our watches are every bit as rugged, reliable and beautiful as the ocean and landscape from which we draw our inspiration. Firle watches are for admirers of mechanical perfection, lovers of adventure - and lovers of life. 

In much the same way, we believe our timepieces will come to embody the story of those who wear them. They are designed to be with you for the whole journey.   



Firle London | Sennen Automatic