All of us at Firle, love the ocean, as walkers, surfers or simply admirers, the ocean has been an integral part of our lives and also the development of our brand.

The ocean is a critical source of life for the entire planet and all of us which call it home. However, every day more than 8 million new pieces of plastic are working their way into our beloved oceans, destroying not only its aesthetic beauty but also causing catastrophic damage to marine ecosystems. Furthermore, creating a domino effect which has tumbled into the entirety of the environment and its biodiversity.  

It is the responsibility of both consumers and companies to minimise our impact on the environment. 

Which is why we have decided to donate £5 from the sale of every watch to the charity Plastic Oceans.


Plastic Oceans is a leading ocean clean-up initiative that aims to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in our oceans through science, sustainability and education. For more information, please visit the Plastic Oceans


The watch industry is far behind the times when it comes to plastic. Albeit an uphill battle, we at Firle are determined to do our bit by not only eradicating the use of pointless single-use plastics within our own manufacturing process but we also want to help educate others within the industry about the damaging consequences of using plastic.


Our packaging is plastic free!

Our strap boxes, user guide, warranty card, shipping boxes, packing tape and labels are all 100% recyclable and plastic free.

Our packaging filler and label pouches are also all 100% biodegradable/compostable and plastic free.

The final point to note is that our watches don’t arrive with plastic dust stickers, something that we believe should be an industry standard.